Be Truly FREE From Anxiety and Self Doubt

Hi, I’m Stephen, your stress and anxiety coach. I went from living an uninspiring stress filled life working as a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry for 26 years to a life free of stress and full of abundance, purpose and joy.

I have integrated my scientific expertise with mind and body practices into a cohesive easy to understand program that helps people find ease within the effort.

I am a certified Psylogia Coach and Allana Pratt Certified Life and Relationship Coach. I live on my sailboat with my partner and am training for my 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shorinkan Shoryin- Ryu Karate.

What You Will Learn From This Guide

Awareness of where your stress, anxiety and self doubt originates from
How to benefit from holding onto the past
What triggers your stress and anxiety
Why your stress keeps you from achieving your dreams
The secret to being free from stress & anxiety
What to do to have a fulfilling career and relationships, more financial freedom and an overall happier life.

Words From Stephen's Audience...

“Stephen is supportive and comforting, and encourages exploration of different feelings and perspective, beyond individual comfort zones. I recommend him whole-heartedly.”
- Sandy S.

Stephen is a fantastic listener and has an incredible intuition that allows him to zero in on the root cause of any blockage. His patient demeanor and calm tone help him to hold the space for transformation.
- Chris C.

Be Truly Free From Anxiety & Self Doubt

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